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3 months ago | 05:13pm

Hi guys, i recently got sent some wonderful skincare products from Cetaphil and some lovely make up from Colour Theory

I’d just like to say i love both of these brands so much, but lets start with Cetaphil: Cetaphil does wonders for your skin, i’ve started using the daily facial moisturiser and it leaves my skin so soft and helps clear up my acne! It’s by far my holy grail product out of these.

Colour Theory: I wasn’t expecting much from these products but i LOVE them. Purple lipstick has become my thing and colour theory’s violetta lipstick is now my favourite!

I love my Optiva body balm, it smells amazing and after i put it on everyone notices and compliments it, you can purchase the body balm and other Optiva products here!

The Beauty Theory nail polish remover is so easy to use without getting it everywhere, i love the idea of this product! You can purchase it and other Beauty Theory products at the end of July when they launch and you’ll be able to buy them on the Colour Theory website here

These products are amazing! Go check out Cetaphil and Colour Theory! You won’t regret it. Their prices are so cheap for the quality that they provide. 

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